Are You Looking to Purchase Higher Education Furniture for a College or University in the Philadelphia, PA, Area? Here Are Some Things to Consider

Is there a connection between the characteristics of higher education furniture and how well students learn, remain engaged in their studies, and go on to complete their coursework? Furniture designers from the renowned manufacturer Herman Miller believe there is. Before you invest in furnishings for any college or university setting in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, area, you’ll want to consider how the furniture that students use in educational settings can contribute to their success.

For example, recent research studies and survey results indicate that students retain more information when they study and exchange ideas with their peers. In response, Herman Miller has developed higher education furniture that promotes collaboration among learning participants. This includes mobile tables and chairs that can be easily reconfigured to allow students to interact and share ideas with their peers in a way that the traditional rows of desks aligned in front of a lectern cannot.

What’s more, Herman Miller has long been a trail-blazer in the field of ergonomic furniture that’s designed to accommodate human movement in the workplace. The manufacturer continues that same focus on human comfort in its line of higher education furniture, recognizing that constantly shifting the body to get comfortable is a major distraction from learning for many students.

Premier Office Solutions, an authorized Herman Miller dealer in Philadelphia, PA, stands ready to help college and university leaders throughout the Delaware Valley find the best educational furniture to meet their needs. Whether you’re looking for classroom chairs, tables, credenzas, and white boards or you need seating for a library or cafeteria setting, our expert staff can help you find the ideal furnishings to meet your needs. We also offer expert delivery and installation services.

For more information about the higher education furniture available from Premier Office Solutions for your learning institution in Philadelphia, PA, or a nearby community, contact us today.

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