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Designed around the person and the notion that their space can cause them to be more productive, Layout Studio is a world-wide office solution. The simple design can adapt to the ever-evolving needs, whether it be for one person or an entire company.

Layout Studio’s design makes it simple to install, adjust and relocate if necessary – causing this system to be time- and cost-efficient. Layout Studio is easily adjustable to accommodate companies as they expand and change their work needs. Using easy-to-add elements, the workspace can be reconfigured to support these changes.

Layout Studio offers the flexibility of individual expression, while still keeping a cohesive appearance around the globe. Layouts that encourage collaboration give everyone a place to connect with others for creative and constructive work.

The development of Layout Studio came about to support diverse work styles throughout different cultures and countries. Research from around the globe played a major role in the design and development of Layout Studio. Layout Studio is available on five continents and offers each site to maintain a local individuality. Form and function are the constant elements which bring unity to workplaces, no matter where they are located.

Locale brochureLocale

Recently, it is more prominent that there is a direct correlation between people working together and the productivity of those people. Companies are starting to catch on and in turn, are creating office spaces to accommodate this pattern. Locale creates open plans with systems that allow people to effortlessly transition between different situations – working as an individual to working as a team; working in a sitting position to a standing position. The design of Locale eliminates obstructions and creates a “neighborhood” of work spaces. This makes people feel more connected to their work and their team members.

In the Locale neighborhood, people are urged to freely shift from individual work to group, team-oriented activities. Everyone and everything is within close proximity so people can effortlessly accomplish their jobs. Locale offers people the freedom to seamlessly adjust throughout the workday, creating diversity within the work environment. Locale features the qualities of a successful business – openness and collaboration.


Metaform Portfolio offers a simple solution to defining diverse and functioning work spaces. Using a collection of modular blocks along with purposeful accessories, a variety of work settings can be created within one space. Metaform can be easily changed and adjusted, on the spot, to accommodate each person or group using that space. The idea behind Metaform’s design is to keep up with the constant transformations in the work field, and to adapt to any task at hand.

There are no specific instructions to using Metaform Portfolio – anyone can use them in any way, with no tools required. The lightweight, modular blocks and accessories make it simple to create an effective space for each job at hand. One feature of Metaform is to offer different levels of working surfaces to encourage various working postures – to shift from sitting to standing, effortlessly.

Instead of your average conference or meeting room with your basic four walls, Metaform defines a space using a combination of straight and curved blocks. It creates a diverse area that can be used for a variety of functions. The exterior of these blocks establish the feeling of a hallway but allow for more movement and openness. If more separation is desired, there are options to add screens to the existing blocks.

Seeing your work in progress or after it is complete, can serve as great motivation. The design of the modular blocks allows individuals and groups to stack examples of their work in their surroundings. The walls then function as inspiration to those using that space. Along with options to display work, Metaform allows the user to keep media and technology within reach as well – offering solutions for mounted screens and adjustable power outlets.

An important element in any product is the environmental aspect. Metaform Portfolio is made from 100% recyclable material – EPP (expanded polypropylene). The designers at Studio 7.5 took the qualities of EPP to the next level and created Metaform Portfolio – featuring a lightweight form and sustainable design. A common material is used in a new and inventive way.

canvasCanvas Office Landscapes

Canvas is the brilliant outcome of years of research into not only work settings, but the overall work experience. Everything from individual workstations to private offices and collaboration areas, Canvas can accommodate the needs of one person, or an entire group. Choice, harmony and connection are the key features of Canvas. It gives people a choice of elements and different places to work, which gives them a reason to come to work. Canvas represents harmony of design and work flow, bringing the people together with the space that they are working in. There is also a connection between the people and their technology. Canvas can accommodate and support technology now, and the design of Canvas provides for the inevitable changes in the future.

Canvas landscapes are created to represent an organization’s values and enhance its success. A simple set of elements offers solutions for enclosure, order, surface, storage and support. These elements can be customized to represent any organization and their specific brand.

The development and research of Canvas is constantly ongoing. Canvas is a prime example of Herman Miller’s dedication to adjust with ease as people and organizations plan for the future.


ethospaceEthospace System

“Ethos: a person’s or group’s character and guiding values.” Ethospace allows you to convey specific characteristics to represent you or your company. The extensive product line allows you to establish spaces to accomplish all types of work, and give the people working in the spaces everything needed to carry out their daily tasks. Classy and able to support technology, Ethospace offers plenty of options to maximize planning possibilities.


actionAction Office System

Development and logical style. The initial unrestricted workplace system continues to vary and adapt to the progressing evolutions in today’s offices. However, some things should never change, and the basic Action Office style principles still apply: space-saving advantages, durability, style choices and interchangeable parts. Action Office continues to offer economic worth by assets of simple specification, installation, configuration, management, and change. This versatile, hard-working system actually preserves your investment.



As its name suggests, resolving workplace inconveniences is what we do. As changes were occurring, we saw some crucial issues needed to be addressed. The outcome was Resolve – a human-centered system based around 120-degree angles. The intelligent design allows for an open, inviting and space-efficient workstation. Because of the 120-degree angles – which is nature’s favorite angle for building complex, connected structures – office spaces are more organic and conducive to teamwork and communication. People are able to feel more connected and comfortable when collaborating with team members. On the flip side, each station is welcoming for each employee and provides a space that is more inspirational and sustaining for the individual. Resolve truly does accommodate for working alone or with others.


Healthcare Systems


Casework parts are perfect for health care applications that seldom change – examination areas, nurses’ stations, and utility rooms. You will be able to select from common sizes and configurations that offer health care professionals the furnishings they need. Colors and textiles complement our modular product. Choose no matter your circumstances need. You can be confident that this product will perform to last.


compassCompass System

A healthcare space that works well today, will not necessarily be the right fit tomorrow. The healthcare industry is constantly advancing, and the process of treatment and care is ever-changing. The space in which healthcare professionals use also needs to be able to adapt to these changes. Compass System is the perfect solution. Compass is a modular system of parts that can be easily changed. This system can be used by hospital and outpatient facilities, and functions in patient rooms, exam rooms, caregiver work areas, and other clinical spaces.


costrucCo/Struc System

Co/Struc System is the original mobile system used in healthcare and laboratory workplaces, and gives you exactly what you need. In the healthcare field, you need a system that is easy to sanitize, truly modular and adjusts with ever-changing situations. The investment will be well worth it and you don’t have to worry about parts and components being available in the future – this system has a solid 30-year track record.


nursesEthospace Nurses Station

The healthcare world is complicated – nurses need stations that make it easier to handle all that the healthcare world entails. Ethospace Nurses Stations offer parts that be customized to accommodate a variety of technology and work processes. They join the qualities of the Ethospace System with specific elements for clinical necessities.



Energy Management

energyEnergy Manager

Being green and energy efficient is important to all – Energy Manager makes it easier to save energy. It is a simple device that you can add to your Herman Miller systems to improve its performance through sensors. Energy Manager controls two circuits of power and can detect when a workstation is being occupied or unoccupied. It contains a sensor that will turn on devices that are plugged into those two circuits when it detects a person’s presence. Energy Manager works in reverse as well – when the workstation is unoccupied, these devices turn off automatically. Task lights, monitors, printers, and chargers are perfect examples of devices that could save energy when they are not in use.