Where to Find Herman Miller Aeron Chairs in the King of Prussia, PA, Area

If you’re looking for a Herman Miller Aeron chair for your office in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, you’re undoubtedly one of the many fans of this iconic chair that set the standard for ergonomic seating when it was first introduced in 1994. Today, it’s one of the few office chairs asked for by name. It remains so popular that office furniture manufacturer Herman Miller recently updated the Aeron chair to meet the needs of the 21st century workplace. This remastered version and many other high-quality innovations in office seating are available from Premier Office Solutions, an authorized Herman Miller dealer that’s conveniently located a short drive from King of Prussia, PA.

When Herman Miller introduced the original Aeron chair, industry experts were amazed by the lack of cushions, foam, and upholstery used for the seat. Instead, the seat and back suspension system were made from woven synthetic fibers that stretch across the frame to create a covering called the “pellicle,” and the only foam or fabric was found in the armrests and lumbar support. Much of the chair was manufactured from recycled materials, making it an environmentally friendly product. The most revolutionary feature, however, was the way it was designed to accommodate the typical movements of the human body and provide the healthy support needed for people to spend many hours seated at a desk.

The remastered Aeron chair retains the classic appearance of the original version while incorporating advancements in the tensile strength of the pellicle, so that office workers can enjoy even better posture support. The pellicle also has been improved to allow better aeration, so that workers can enjoy a comfortable skin temperature throughout the workday. Plus, the chair is available in three sizes, so that people of varying heights and weights can enjoy the same level of comfort and healthy back support.

Premier Office Solutions takes pride in offering a wide array of ergonomically designed office furniture from some of the top manufacturers in the industry. Contact us today for more information about the Herman Miller Aeron chair and other high-caliber seating for your office in King of Prussia, PA.