Ergonomic Office Chairs Can Help to Improve Posture in Your Philadelphia, PA, Workplace

Ergonomic Office Chairs Philadelphia PAPurchasing ergonomic office chairs should be a priority for any employer invested in the long-term well-being of its employees. After all, long-term studies have consistently shown that poor seating posture can lead to stresses on the back and spine, stresses that can be avoided through the use of intelligently designed office furniture.

Fortunately, business owners with an interest in ergonomic chairs in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, area have a convenient source close at hand – Premier Office Solutions. We have an exceptional selection of ergonomic chairs in our 100,000 square-foot inventory, including a wide range of products from industry leading manufacturer Herman Miller. As an authorized Herman Miller dealer, our product inventory encompasses this manufacturer’s entire line of ergonomic seating solutions, including their:

  • Aeron chairs – Featuring a unique woven seatback that minimizes pressure points, the Aeron chair is designed to conform to the natural curves of the human spine for optimal, well-balanced support.
  • Mirra chairs – These ergonomic office chairs have gently curving backrests that allow for reclining while supporting posture, as well as specially designed seat pads that evenly distribute a person’s weight over their surface.
  • Embody chairs – The Embody line has a unique-looking spine-like seatback design that provides comprehensive protection for the lumbar spine, works to prevent kyphosis (upper back rounding), and supports optimal blood flow.
  • Celle chairs – These chairs feature a patented Cellular Suspension back that is composed of 751 polymer cells that are interconnected to form a “flex map” that adjusts to each person’s unique back shape, providing proper spinal support for anyone regardless of size or weight.

For more information about the ergonomic office chairs we offer to companies and homeowners in Philadelphia, PA, and all nearby communities, contact Premier Office Solutions today.