Case Studies

Seeing is believing. For Premier, designing solutions is a way of looking at the world and how it works — or doesn’t. It is a method for getting something done, for solving a problem.

Designing solutions, rather than simply devising them, requires listening, insight, thought, and humility. Good design results in memorable solutions, efficient workplaces, and happy customers. Herman Miller products are a result of great designs that provide solutions. Here are some examples.

Baxter International

baxter-smallBaxter International’s moving of its IT operations into a new facility signaled a new direction toward an open, collaborative way of working. A more progressive look also allows Baxter to compete effectively for highly skilled workers. A seamless blend of My Studio and Vivo workstations in its Vernon Hills facility sets the tone for Baxter’s new image and culture. more…

HermanMiller products: My Studio Environments™, Vivo® Interiors, Aeron® Chairs, Caper® Chairs, Celeste7™ Chairs, Eames® Tables, Meridian® Pedestals, The Intersect® Portfolio


Bell ExpressVu

bell-smallIn an industry plagued by churn, Bell ExpressVu Canada’s call center facility in Toronto has no problem with employee retention–and for good reason. Its leadership understands how critical a stimulating, pleasing work environment is to teamwork, health and safety, effective work processes, productivity, and overall employee satisfaction. more…

HermanMiller products: Ethospace System, Resolve System, Aeron Chairs, Caper Chairs, Reaction Chairs, Meridian Storage Towers


Electronic Arts

ea-smallAt Electronic Arts (EA), the world’s leading interactive entertainment software company, groups of developers, designers, producers, engineers, game artists, and programmers team up and create games and then form new groups and create more new games. EA studios, located throughout the world, are filled with workstations, and much more. more…

HermanMiller products: Ethospace System



nokia-smallAt Nokia’s facility in Silicon Valley, Resolve was a unique design solution for a unique design problem. A circular blue wall enclosed a 70,000-square-foot area of empty space. The shape and size of the space alone posed an interesting design question: What kind of offices or workstations can you put into such a nonlinear space? more…

HermanMiller products: Resolve System, Aeron Chairs, Equa 2 Chairs


Southern California Edison

socal-small“You can’t drive a ’70 Chevy into the new millennium,” says Claire E. Spence, manager of Facilities Planning and Construction (FP&C) for Southern California Edison. “Nor can you face the challenge of a competitive new market without a state-of-the-art workplace.” more…

HermanMiller products: Action Office System, Aeron Chairs, Equa 2 Chairs, Eames Tables